Call Caliber Appraisal to discuss appraisals pertaining to King divorces

When involved in a divorce, choose Caliber Appraisal to provide an accurate value of the shared residence.

When the purpose of an appraisal is a couple splitting up, it requires a well-established, authoritative value conclusion that will prove persuasive in court. Our confidence in our opinions of value shine through, no matter the difficulty of the situation. We also provide expert analysis of, and testimony regarding, opposing counsel's assertion of value.  

Contact us when your needs include an appraisal dealing with a divorce or other division of assets.

Washington attorneys as well as accountants rely on our appraisals when figuring out what real property is worth for estates, divorces, or other disputes. We understand their needs and are accustomed to dealing with all parties involved. We create appraisal reports that meet and exceed the requirements of the courts and various agencies.